What is a
Network Code?

Network Codes are specific and technical
binding rules for the operation of Europe’s
cross-border electricity networks as outlined in
Regulation (EC)714/ 2009).

They follow a specific procedure, which differs from EU general legislations.

The new rules are adopted as “guidelines” or “network codes” and are ultimately published as legally binding EU Implementing Regulations.

How is a Network Code developed ?

Scoping Phase

Upon initiative of the European Commission, ACER performs the scoping exercise and the draft of the Framework Guidelines for the Network Code


Timeframe: 6 months


Official Request Phase

European Commission gives mandate to DSO Entity and ENTSO-E to jointly develop a proposal of Network Code


Drafting Phase

DSO Entity and ENTSO-E draft a proposal of Network Code and submit it to ACER


Timeframe: 6 months


Stakeholders are involved in the process


Final Stage

ACER and the European Commission review and finalise the Network Code


Timeframe: 6 months



Network Code (Regulation) enters into
force and is directly applicable
in Member States


Beyond working on the development of Network Codes, DSO Entity is engaged in other delegated tasks connected to its mandate provided under the Electricity Market Regulation 2019/943/EU

DSO Entity work streams on technical files


Implementation of Network Code Cybersecurity
(Article 59 of the Electricity Market Regulation 2019/943/EU) 


Development of Network Code Demand Response


Set-up of Joint Working Group with ENTSO-E on data role model (Art. 23 & 24 of the Electricity Market Directive 2019/944/EU)

Network Codes

Amendment of Network Codes Grid Connection (Art. 60 of the Electricity Market Regulation 2019/943/EU)

Digitalisation of the energy system

Development of Digital Twin and Smart Grid Indicators with ENTSO-E (Art. 55(d) of the Electricity Market Regulation 2019/943/EU)

Ten-Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP)

Contribute to the development of TYNDP scenarios by ENTSO-E (Art. 55(2b) & 57(1) of the Electricity Market Regulation 2019/943/EU)

Planned Public Consultations

Welcome to our consultation dedicated area. DSO ENTITY values the opinion and the contributions of key stakeholders on different topics. For this reason, we are pleased to offer on our platform a transparent on-line tool for consultations related to the drafting process on major thematic we work here at DSO Entity. Among them: network codes, Ten-Year Network Development Plans (TYNDP), Data Interoperability, Flexibility and many more.

Please find below open and past consultations.
You can submit your contribution clicking on any open consultation available on this page.

Open Consultations

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Closed Consultations


Public Consultation on the Network Code Demand Response draft

Based on Article 59(9) of the Regulation (EU) 2019/943, on 9 March 2023 the EU Commission invited DSO Enti...

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