Digitalising the energy system with digital and smart grid indicators: The smarter E Podcast

While Europe aims to become climate-neutral by 2050, the transmission and distribution networks urgently need to be expanded and modernized to integrate the rapidly growing number of decentralized renewable energy resources and exchange electricity across national borders. By doing that, it will be possible to ensure a resilient, sustainable, and affordable energy supply.

Digital technologies play an important role in making the grid smarter and more efficient. A digital twin of the European power grid will help develop innovative solutions and coordinate investments.

One of the core activities of DSO Entity is, in fact, the workstream dedicated to the digitalisation of the energy sector. Not only we have a dedicated expert group on digitalisation, but since the signing of the joint Declaration of Intent to develop a Digital Twin of the European Electricity Grid last December 2022 (see the press release here), we count on a specific task force working on the topic.

But why is digitalisation so important for DSOs? What a Digital Twin is? How this project will be implemented in the future and how European countries will benefit from it? In what way can Smart Grid Indicators help DSOs to accelerate focused investments in smarter grids? Our Secretary General, Peter Vermaat, replies to these questions during the smarter E Podcast, recorded in the month of May, now available on Spotify, apple podcasts and YouTube.

 The full transcript of the podcast is available at the following link.